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Charismatic Chaos and False Miracles

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Charismatic Chaos and False Miracles

Exploring the New Christianity of the End Times

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Resurfaced from the archives - this episode was recorded during Great Lent of 2023 while the month long Asbury Revival was underway. For many, it was their first time seeing video of people convulsing, falling to the floor and speaking in tongues. For me, it is something I have first hand experience with growing up in Pentecostal churches (I share one of my wild stores in this episode).

In this episode, I explain the historical and spiritual context of the charismatic movement, the rituals performed in charismatic worship and what is behind this phenomenon. Citing primarily from “Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future” by Fr. Seraphim Rose and his chapter on Charismatic revival as a sign of the times.

Charismatic ritual worship is, as Fr. Seraphim Rose put it, a form of Shamanistic paganism. The movement itself is falsely promoted as apostolic, but is really a “new Christianity” that is ecumenist by nature and likely a type of Christianity the Antichrist will adopt to deceive the elect.

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