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Great story (although the arc was predictable lol). So happy for you Anthony!

My ex-COVID girlfriend (basically lived together during the 3 year tyranny) and I just couldn't agree either politicly or spiritually. As she was an open minded atheist I figured I had the tools at my disposal to ware here down for a "come to Jesus" moment eventually. In this endeavor I failed. My prayer for Mira is that whatever residual spirituality I left on her shows back up in force down the road when another opportunity to meet Jesus presents itself.

I find it really cool that you studied theology in school! I've always found it funny in that those types typically fall into the the "intellectual atheist" scheme. Congrats on breaking the mold!

PS. Not many of us dudes out here willing to admit they don't hate cats... probably the bravest part of the article. For I too like cats. -Cheers!

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Thank you for sharing your story, Mike. I’m finding it’s a very common one. God bless!

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